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Anime Sharks are my favorite fucking thing in the world.


Thanks to an awesome visionary known only as the GIGABEETLE, we’re learning that, when he isn’t busy battling Kaiju, Godzilla has a very active social life. There’s cosplay and gaming and dancing and coloring and exercising and so much more.

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this girl is me 



Insanity is a 60 day at-home fitness program that uses Max High Intensity Interval Training, which is essentially, working out for as hard as you can for a few minutes followed by a short break. Videos are about 40-60 minutes depending on the day and the month and are extremely challenging but NOT impossible. Anybody can do it but it takes patience and consistency to finish.


I’ve completed the Insanity workout two times and I’ve always wanted to get a large group together to help others discover the amazing results that can be achieved by finishing and digging deep for 60 days!


 February 3rd - April 5th


YOU! Anybody can do this program but it does require extreme commitment. This is typically seen as an advanced program but I’ve seen many people who you wouldn’t consider in peak physical condition do this program with success. The key is to not try and keep up with anybody and to take things one day at a time. Just be sure to be honest with yourself before deciding to participate.


  • If you decide that this challenge is for you then just REBLOG this post to let me know! (Text will not show up on your blog if you have captions disabled)
  • You will receive an accountability partner and everyday, the two of you can encourage each other to complete the workout and just be supportive. (So that’s why it’s important to truly be committed, somebody will be depending on YOU!) 
  • There will be a tag (#GCGInsanity) where you can post an update after each workout and at the end of each day, I will pick an MVP.
  • A Monday Monster, Tuesday Trooper, Wednesday Warrior, Thursday Tania (you’ll get it later), Friday Freak, Saturday Stud, and a Sunday Star (Rest days are JUST as important as workouts).
  • You can also post pictures, helpful links, and anything else you can think of. Before pictures, as well as before and afters are not required but encouraged, just so we can get a better sense of who you are. This will be a safe place!

What do you get from me?

You don’t have to follow me but it may be beneficial to you so you can stay updated with everything and any changes that may present themselves. I will be doing the program and updating in the tag along with anybody who participates. I will also be available to answer any questions, give encouragement, and advice to anybody who needs it!

If you’ve ever even considered doing this program, now is the time. Here’s an opportunity to join a community of people all looking to complete a daunting task, together. So why not now? 

I want to join but I don’t have the workout?

Insanity Calendar and Fit Test

Nutrition Guide (PDF)

  1. Fit Test
  2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  3. Cardio Power & Resistance
  4. Cardio Recovery
  5. Pure Cardio
  6. Cardio Abs
  7. Core Cardio & Balance
  8. Max Interval Circuit
  9. Max Interval Plyo
  10. Max Cardio Conditioning
  11. Max Recovery
  12. Insane Abs
  13. Max Interval Sports Training
  14. Upper Body Weight Training

These links are fairly unreliable. They’ve been up for a while but you may need to refresh a few times and watch the advertisement before they play. So please consider that before letting me know they don’t work. Also, if you go this route, I suggest torrenting them and having them on your computer rather than streaming everyday.


Thanks for your interest and even if you don’t want to participate, I’d very much appreciate it if you reblogged this to spread the word and just let me know that you reblogging for that reason.



Movies directed by Satoshi Kon (October 12, 1963 – August 24, 2010)


from two of my favorite Studio Ghibli films,

I give you prince mononoke and lady howl. I had alot of fun painting this ! hope you guys like.

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